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Charitable Contributions and Local Community Relations

Charitable Contributions and Local Community Relations

Regeneron may support donations to qualified 501(c)(3) or other not-for-profit organizations intended to fund a broad charitable purpose or mission related to community improvement.

Please Note: each request will be reviewed on its own merits. Regeneron cannot provide any guidance as to whether a particular request will be favorably or unfavorably reviewed.

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations eligible for support include organizations that qualify for tax-exempt status under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Required Documents

Request Letter on the Organization's Letterhead

The request letter should 1) be on the organization’s letterhead, 2) specify that the request is for a charitable donation, 3) specify the total amount of funding being sought from Regeneron, 4) contain a summary description of the program (if applicable) and 5) contain a legal signature.

IRS Letter of Determination/501c3

The IRS Letter of Determination is granted by the Internal Revenue Services. This document indicates which section of the Internal Revenue Code your organization is qualified. This determination letter is the only official document and proof that your organization is recognized as a tax-exempt organization.


The budget (should be detailed, itemized and indicate how Regeneron funding will be utilized for the program.

W9 or W8

A current copy of your organization’s signed and dated (not more than 2 years old) W9 or W8 is required.

Agenda (if applicable)

Include a detailed description of the program our funding will support

Most Common Reasons for Additional Information Requests include:

  1. Request letter not on official letterhead.
  2. Missing IRS Letter of Determination.
  3. Detailed budget not provided
  4. W-9 or W-8 not provided or not signed and/or dated.

Most Common Reasons for Denial include:

  1. Does not meet Regeneron guidelines.
  2. Failure to provide complete information.
  3. Funding request submitted strictly for entertainment.
  4. Budget constraints.